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    Comedy duo John and Ellis are bringing their tour to Liverpool!

    John Robins and Ellis James are the comedy duo that everyone is talking about. Delighting fans with their show on Radio X, they're ready to hit the road with their 'Elis James and John Robins Experience 2016' tour! Sarah chatted to John to find out more...


    The tour visits Liverpool on 18th October. What can fans expect?

    Well as much as possible - We’re going to try recreate a live version of our podcast and Radio X show. We’re going to expand on topics we’ve discussed, for example Ellis has been keeping gig diaries from when he started out in comedy - so I might be able to persuade him to visit some of his old routines!



    Speaking of Radio X, can you tell us more about your show?

    Well we never really plan ahead; it all really comes out of the chats we have. Ellis will ask something or people listening to the podcasts will notice something and then we just run with it. On one show, Ellis was reading excerpts from Tony Blackburn’s autobiography and he said I should write my own autobiography. Before I knew it I had written thirty chapters!


    That must have been amazing to revisit your days of starting out in comedy, while you were writing the chapters…

    It was really nice to revisit how Ellis and I met. You never know, there could be some live dates of me reading excerpts out loud!


    The Elis James and John Robins Experience 2016 tour will visit Liverpool on 18th October 2016. 




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