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    Denim and Leather - July - Occult Rock Resurgence

    Denim and Leather - July
    The past few years has seen a big resurgence of an occult rock sound in heavy metal. Bands are recording on old 70s analogue equipment, changing vocal sounds, delving into dark, eerie subject matter - and sporting baggy velour sleeves on stage for good measure.

    This has spawned some fantastic releases that make up a movement, so if you’re a slave to the mystique of occult music and its marriage with the hard rock and heavy metal sound, then check out the most recent releases from some of the bands leading the way.

    Blood Ceremony

    Leading the pack of the female fronted section of this movement is Blood Ceremony. Since their self-titled 2008 release, their ‘flute-tinged witch rock’ has taken the metal community by storm. Through dedicated songwriting Blood Ceremony bring occult scriptures to life in their music, and ‘The Eldritch Dark’- for my money their finest offering to date - makes this Canadian four-piece top of my list.


    Originally starting out as a tribute act for 70’s occult doom metal pioneer’s Pentagram before being swiftly signed by Rise Above Records, Witchcraft’s debut release is arguably the defining album of the whole movement. Nobody else has quite managed to capture the authenticity of the 70’s sound quite like that first album. Three releases later was 2012’s ‘Legend’ which is, despite being far apart from the first album production-wise, an absolute blast from start to finish and sees their transition into defining their own unique sound.

    Jess and the Ancient Ones

    Hailing from Finland and exploring the dark magical realms beyond the mundane comes the 7-headed beast of epic chorus’ and mystical rhythms that are Jess and the Ancient Ones. After making a huge impression with their debut release, follow-up 3 track EP ‘Astral Sabbat’ was released in February armed with a spellbinding cover of Shocking Blues ‘Long and Lonesome Road’ as well as the 15 minute epic ‘More than Living’.

    Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats

    Coming from Cambridge and shrouded in mystery is the sound of 60’s horror for the new age in Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats. Using old fuzz pedals and broken amps to create a lo-fi saturated sound, their latest conceptual release ‘Mind Control’ leaves listeners brainwashed and ready to sign up to the cult. Having just landed a tour with Black Sabbath later this year and with thousands more joining their wicked cause every show they play, “The acid nightmare has truly begun”.

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