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      Eva Petersen - The Eyes Have it

      Eva Petersen

      Liverpool born Eva started her first band, The Little Flames in 2004 who were signed to Delta Sonic Records. The band recorded their debut album ‘The Day Is Not Today’ in 2005 – they also toured the UK and Japan with bands such as The Arctic Monkeys, The Zutons & The Coral.

      Following her band mates departures to other worlds, Eva began writing and recording her own songs with Will Sergeant from Echo & the Bunnymen. With a love of dark cinematic sounds, particularly those of Ennio Morricone, soundtracks of 60’s and 70’s and Italian Horror films – and influenced by the likes of Os Mutantes, Astrud Gilberto, Can, Daft Punk and Air, Eva began writing her first solo album, ‘Emerald Green Eyes’.

      We both like 60’s music but the more unusual stuff like Krautrock and that side of it. When we met it was a good collaboration because we are both into weird stuff.

      I write the lyrics but don’t play an instrument so i sing ideas of tunes, melodies and even drum beats and record them. I send them to Will and he works on the music. We turn the ideas around really quickly. It’s a perfect way for me to work. I’m really interested in sounds, i’m a sound obsessive. I collect records of sound effects from the BBC and other places. We are both into Roxy Music so theres a bit of Eno in there and Kraftwerk and you hear Will all the way through with his distinctive sound.

      Eva Petersen’s debut album “Emerald Green Eyes” is available now on Porcupine Records.