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    Feature: Dig Vinyl

    Dig Vinyl is the city’s newest destination to share your passion for music. Whether its local artists or international names you are looking for, they’re expanding this October with a bigger vinyl collection and a relaxing coffee area. We spoke to Anthony and Karl to see what Dig is all about…


    Dig has become one of the city’s newest Vinyl stores. How did the company first come about?

    K: We’d both been involved in record selling and record shops across the North-West; Liverpool, Cheshire, Wirral, Manchester and we both thought that now was a good time to open up a shop in Liverpool. This was partly because of our connections to the city and partly because there was a space being unoccupied culturally. That was what it was about really. It wasn’t just about selling records – it was about creating a space that musicians, artists, people who love music, people who want to find out about music, could have to discover music.


    You stock anything from reggae, to punk, to disco – are there any particular gems that have come into the shop lately?

    K: Well I specialise on the whole Beats, Reggae, Soul, Funk side of things, so for me I can say that we have some classic, rare reggae. We’ve also got some really nice drum ‘n’ bass in at the moment - some original Moving Shadow, really early ’93 and ’94 drum ‘n’ bass…so things like that really. 


    A: We’ve got a couple of Vertigo Swirls and lots of Bowie. Floyd, Fleetwood Mac – We’ve got tonnes in at the moment and it’s going out as quick as we’re getting it in. There’s lots of metal and punk in at the minute as well.


    K: We’ve got some really good rare Indie singles in too; some late 80’s unusual Indie singles that are kind of similar to the ‘Sarah’ label.


    Dig also supports local talent and their Eps too…

    K: We stock as many local artists as we can. We stock them, we promote them, we support them – we get involved with the gigs and we DJ as well. We’re always trying to work with as many local artists as we can.


    How pivotal is the store in the support of those new artists?

    K: A case study example would probably be the likes of The Strange Collective for instance. They’re really getting people talking in Liverpool at the moment. They’re very much connected to the shop; for example they’ve been involved in some of our art and design, we promote their records, we’ve DJ’d their gigs. We work together and talk together because we have a shared love of interesting, unusual music. It’s not just about customers; it’s about something bigger than that…It’s about connections.


    You’ve mentioned DJ’ing at the gigs – would you ever consider branching out and staging your own club nights?

    K: Well the shop expands in October, so we’re going to relaunch it [the shop] in October. The plan then is to maybe do a monthly residency at one of the clubs or bars in town – just which one yet we don’t know.


    Is there any way to sum up Dig Vinyl in three words?

    K: Well I’ll give you three words, but Anthony will probably give you a different three words – that combination of me and Anthony however is what sums it up… so I’d say love, joy and dedication.


    A: Underground Crate digging – which I love the most. At record fairs… it’s just a part of who we are. When we’re not here, I’m at home looking through stuff. We live it and breathe it.

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