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    Thor: The Dark World
    You need to see this film.

    The past few months seem to have been an eternal wait for Marvel's newest installment of one of our beloved superheroes. We’ve been teased with posters, practically screamed with excitement during trailers (or at least I did) and finally the day came - Thor: The Dark World was on the silver screen and quite frankly, it’s marvellous.

    Taking place straight after 2012’s Avenger’s Assemble and two years after the events of Thor, we’re straight into the action with new villain Malekith(Christopher Eccleston). Eccleston is extremely menacing and exceedingly good as this ferocious Dark Elf, but of course his attempts to recapture the Aether and plunge all nine realms into darkness were certainly going to be challenged. Let the battles begin.

    The story is non-stop and epic. Leaving no room for reflection, the plot quickly descends into a visual battleground as the Asgardians try to defend their world and ours. What’s different about this film however is that you get to see more of Asgard than you did previously with long dazzling seas, underground prisons and even a tavern. Beautifully presented and not too heavy on the effects, the setting of Asgard is quite a sight to behold. A lot of films seem to place too much emphasis on the CGI element nowadays, but The Dark World balances these effects with stellar cast performances and enough plot development to leave you questioning what will happen next. The film’s score only serves to emphasise the tension of events unfolding, sometimes shocking, but constantly leaving you so involved in the situation that you feel you’re there.

    This is not all fights, mythology and superhero talk however; all that sensational Marvel humour from previous films is more prevalent than ever in this particular installment. In particular watch out for one of the best battle of wits in a long time between Thor and Loki as they travel through Asgard that will leave you crying with laughter.

    Chris Hemsworth’s Thor is more mature than in the previous film. Having lost his sense of arrogance, he knows what it takes to protect his home and the ones he loves. A mixture of Shakespearean gentleman and troubled future King, his characterisation tugs at your emotions many times during the film. Plus for all you Hemsworth fans out there, you can only imagine bumping into Thor on the train as one character in this film does.

    Speaking of loved ones, our favourite Earthlings Jane, Erik and Darcy are back, and they’re bigger and bolder than ever. Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) takes more of a central role than just Thor’s love interest, and this talented actress is pivotal to how the plot develops. Intelligent, curious and brave, her character is a perfect match for our titular hero. Plus watch out for Erik Selvig who is completely hilarious.

    I cannot possibly write this review without mentioning my favourite character Loki, played impeccably by Tom Hiddleston. Loki may be mischievous and untrustworthy, but everybody loves a good anti-hero. Having been locked away in the dungeons after trying to take over Earth, Thor calls upon Loki in Asgard’s time of need. Still retaining all those sarcastic observations that make him such as great villain, you might just be surprised by his actions in this film. I won’t spoil it for you, this is one character you need to witness for yourself. A particular highlight includes his prison stay where he casually reads as a fight goes on outside. Oh you just have to love Loki. Tom Hiddleston has to be one of the most lovable villains in a long time and an exceptional actor who can easily switch from brooding evil to shock and upset, and then right back to mischievous again. You never know what to expect , which is part of the whole Loki appeal.

    I know I haven’t particularly commented on the plot detail too much, but this is such a fantastic film that I don’t want to spoil a moment of its tremendous screen time. It has twists, it has turns, it has explosions, breath-taking scenery and never stops until it meets its conclusion. With one of the best Marvel film endings that I have ever witnessed, Director Alan Taylor has created a much darker superhero film with all the key fantasy elements you could wish for - Battles, bad guys, good guys and an audience clinging onto every word. If you’re looking for something to see this weekend, Thor: The Dark World is awaiting...and trust me, it will leave you wanting more.

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