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    In an Everyman Pantomime, anything is possible: Francis Tucker


    The Everyman Theatre’s Rock ’n’ Roll pantomime returns to delight audiences of all ages this festive season. We caught up with Panto Dame Francis Tucker to talk dynamic duos, cracking costumes and worlds where anything is possible…


    Written by Sarah A Nixon and Mark Chatterton, with musical direction from Greg Last, you are invited to journey to the land of The Snow Queen this festive season, where the evil Viletta attempts to reclaim the Stargate Stone and control the land forever!


    Do not fear however, as a brilliant cast of characters are here to stop the evil Snow Queen and save the land!


    Two such characters are played by pantomime favourites Adam Keast and Francis Tucker. Tucker stars once again as the iconic Pantomime Dame, but of course, with a twist:


    “We start off in one fantastical world and end up in another. I play Little Bo Peep…of course in keeping with The Snow Queen theme! (Laughs)”


    Of course anything is possible in an Everyman Pantomime and Keast and Tucker are here to add some fun and frolics to the story:


    “It’s keeping in with the The Snow Queen story, but y’know, Adam and I just happen to pop up occasionally throughout it! (Laughs).


    The duo have been friends for more than a decade, which Tucker says has an influence on their hilarious antics onstage:


    “We’ve known each other for about fifteen years. Adam and I have the same sense of humour; there’s things we can laugh about for hours. As friends we try to translate that onstage and I think that’s why we work together so well. We know if the other one is going to do something and we give each other the space to do it onstage”.


    Throughout their time at the Everyman Rock ’n’ Roll Pantomimes, the duo have worn iconic costumes as snowballs, underwater creatures and a shrimp that I’ll never forget. So can we expect more of the same this year?


    “The Costume Department here at the Everyman are geniuses. They’ve come up with some corkers this year - so yes! IN CAPITAL LETTERS YES!”


    The duo are joined by an incredible cast including Lucy Thatcher as Viletta, who will also be choreographing the show, and Lloyd Gorman as her assistant Egor.


    Last year’s Prince Charming also returns this year as Malakai, alongside Everyman Panto newcomer Nikita Johal. They’re joined by Danny Burns and Barbara Hockaday as daring duos such as Carlos and Santana and Bart and Babs the Sheep!


    There’s also a special member of the cast who joins in the fun every night - the audience.


    “It’s joyous. We of course have the eleventh member of our cast, who is the lovely audience. They’re up for a party night after night. There’s such a great energy in the room”.


    Whether it’s joining in with the dialogue or joining in with the dancing, there’s a little something for everyone in the Everyman Rock ’n’ Roll Pantomime, including songs played once again by the incredible multi-talented cast:


    “What is special for me is that we’re not just acting. We sing, we dance, we play instruments. I’ve been a drummer since I was about six or seven years old. I think it’s important to see actors who also play instruments; that’s what I love. I remember coming to Everyman years ago and seeing Drew Schofield and Micky Clarke playing instruments and just thinking wow”.


    Having featured songs by Queen, John Legend, Sia and more in previous productions, what can the audience expect this year?


    “There’s some corkers and really great numbers. It’s about finding numbers that fit the show, but there’s something for everyone. The songs Adam and I are playing are the rock songs - we try to make everything sound like The Foo Fighters! (Laughs)”


    But if Tucker could have a Christmas wish and ask to perform one story onstage as part of the Everyman Panto however, what tale would he choose?


    “It’s not a fairytale, but I’d love to do The Three Musketeers! That’d be amazing!”



    By Sarah O' Hara



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