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    Interview: Jarrod Dickenson


    Above: Jarrod Dickenson

    Photograph by Josh Wool - Used with permission by Republic Media


    We spoke to singer-songwriter Jarrod Dickenson about musical inspiration, record collections and his critically acclaimed album Ready the Horses


    With his blues-inspired, Americana sound, Jarrod explains how his dad’s record collection began his musical education:


    “I supposed it all started with my dad’s record collection; he was a child of the 50s, a product of the 60s. I grew up listening to The Beatles and The Stones, Simon & Garfunkle, Tom Petty - that kind of stuff. Then when I was in college, music by people such as Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan really got me into the blues - That was my education I guess you’d say. From there it’s grown; 50s and 60s soul, the great songwriters like Willie Nelson”.


    From the cinematic storytelling of ‘Faint of Heart’, to the beautiful melodies of ‘California’, Ready the Horses is sonic landscape that breathes emotion and takes you on a journey through the different stories Jarrod tells on the album:


    “Every song is different and it’s still sort of a mystery. You write one and then never feel like you’re gonna write another one, until you do. For me though, the story aspect is generally what comes first; the theme or the rough outline of what I’m trying to say and the story I’m trying to tell. When I have that beginning, then it’s the melody and lyrics, which go hand it hand - but it all starts with the story idea for me”.


    Ready the horses is one of my must-hear albums of 2018 and one I just can’t stop talking about:


    “It’s lovely that people have found it, latched onto it and it means something to them. It’s fuel for the artistic soul”.


    Ready the Horses is available now.

    By Sarah O' Hara



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