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    After the sensational Scouse of the Antarctic, we chat to actress Lindzi Germain about Pharoah Across the Mersey!


    You’re starring in Pharoah across the Mersey at the Royal Court Liverpool this year – do you channel your inner Cleopatra?

    Well I actually play Queen Nefertiti – she’s amazing! The costume and the headdress are just unbelievable. Marie Jones makes them all and she’s just done an amazing job. I’m obviously married to King Tut, so Mickey [Michael] Starke is playing King Tut, which is nice because there’s a middle-aged romance. Usually you get the romance between the kids, but this year they’ve gone for a little middle-aged romance. They’re married, but they do actually fall out of love because of Cleopatra.


    Ooo this all sounds very intriguing! Can you give us a taste of what audiences can expect?

    Last year we took you to Scouse of the Antarctic, into all the snow, so this year we’ve gone for a warmer climate. The two characters, Boris and Daisy, who fell in love last year are on holiday this year. He buys her a necklace as an engagement present and it’s actually a Liver Bird, but when they get to Egypt they see all these hieroglyphics and there’s one a Liver Bird. She puts the necklace against it and then it all Indiana Jones changes and we take you back to Ancient Egypt! It’s really exciting; there’s loads of music as always and loads of songs that you’ll love. We’ve got a bit of The Real Thing and then we obviously have our original songs that are written by Howard and Alex, which tell the story. It’s brilliant! We’ve got Andrew Scofield back with us, Danny O’ Brien, Michael Fletcher and Hayley Hampson back with us too.


    It must be lovely to work together with this group of actors again…

    It’s lovely! I’ve been lucky because this is my 9th Christmas show here at the Royal Court – I’ve been in every one that Fred [Lawless] has written. You just get to play out with your mates! (Laughs)


    There is so much love for the Christmas shows – what is it about them that appeals so much to audiences?

    I think because it is written for the people of the city. I remember a fella saying to me one time, ‘Our Legion has shut down, so this is like our Legion - we come here all the time. We come here, we have a drink, we get to watch the show. We know what you’re talking about and we know where you’re talking about. We have a laugh, we get to sing along’. It’s for the people of the city – it’s their show. It’s just lovely and once they come in, they just seem to love it straight away.


    The writer, Fred Lawless, has written quite a few of these shows before. What’s it like working with him again?

    It’s lovely! The nice thing is with Fred, there’ll be so many drafts of it [the script] and then we didn’t see it until the first day of rehearsals, but that’s when the magic happens. It gets lifted off the paper and we bring it to life then. They’re not precious about it, so you can say ‘oh let’s add this in’ and stuff like that. Fred is great like that.


    Can you sum up the show in three words?

    Fun, fast and madness!


    Pharoah across the Mersey is at the Royal Court Theatre Liverpool until January 2016.


    Photographs (C) Bond Media Agency

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