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    Interview: Sarah Story

    Graeme Smith and Sarah Story

    Hit music station Capital FM is launching this month in Liverpool! We spoke to Drive Time host Sarah Story to find out more…


    You’re not stranger to Liverpool, having studied here before becoming a radio presenter…

    Yeah, I studied music at Liverpool Hope from 2007 until 2010 and when I was there, I did a show for the University Radio station. It was a specialist music show, which was really nice because I got to play whatever I wanted. I used to play loads of dance music, which was nice!


    Liverpool was recently named ‘Music City’ – do you feel that Liverpool’s music heritage influenced your decision to become a radio presenter?

    Well the reason I moved to Liverpool to study was because of the music scene. It’s so famous for its music. Even coming back now, I’ve seen such a change in the music scene since I left in 2010. There’s so much going on; the Baltic Triangle seems to be really dev eloping and there’s loads of clubs opening up around there, which is really exciting!


    And of course Capital FM is launching in Liverpool – how exciting is that?

    It is really exciting. We were looking at all the cities, me and Graeme [Smith], and we were like ‘why doesn’t Liverpool have Capital [FM]?’ It’s the perfect place and the perfect market, so it’s really exciting. When I came to university here I used to listen to Juice [FM] and Anton Powers, so I’m really excited to be on Capital and doing a show with him. He’s going to be doing our show on a Thursday and a Friday. For me that’s the cherry on top; I’m really excited to be working with Anton.


    You’re going to be hosting the Drive Time show on Capital FM. With no pun intended, how are you going to be driving home the fun into audience’s evening commutes?

    Well Graeme and I, we’re like best friends, but like brother and sister at the same time. There’s a load of banter between us. For those people who have heard the breakfast show, they can expect the same kind of thing. I’m looking forward to getting on board with all the Liverpool listeners, doing phone calls and things like that – it’s going to be really fun.


    For any young, budding radio presenters looking to start a career in the industry, what advice would you give them?

    Be good at networking, be confident and just talk to people. Just be persistent, be confident and be nice to people. The first thing is finding the people who can help you get that job and then you have to be able to deliver something. It can be challenging, but it’s worth it once you get it.


    Can you sum up your Drive Time show in three words?

    Banter, fun and relatable – I’d like people to listen to the show and think, ‘I can relate to them. They sound like my friends’.

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