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    LUSH launch graphic novel

    Lush are well-renowned for their environmentally (and skin friendly!) products. However when you’ve scrubbed up using a particular shower gel, basked in the glory of a bubble bar or relaxed beneath a fresh face mask, have you ever wondered where the product’s essential oils come from? Well now you can! Follow Lush’s buying team as they scour the world for sustainable oil sources in their first ever graphic novel - On the trail of Sandalwood Smugglers.


    Written by Simon Constantine and Agnès Gendry, you will be gripped by the story’s fascinating and thought-provoking plot. I regularly use Lush products. However it never occurred to me that the precious and fragrant sandalwood oil is sought after across the world.


    Beginning in Dorset, 2004, the book shows the hard work and lengthy processes that the Lush team go through to create ethical, caring products. Simon and Agnès ventured across the globe to ensure that their sandalwood oil was sustainable and kind to the skin, but little did they know of the adventure that awaited them…


    From New Caledonia to Australia, to India and back again, the graphic novel takes you on a trip through the sustainable sandalwood trade. This includes sandalwood harvesting and vast tree plantations. Their journey takes a twist though when they encounter someone known only as ‘The Don’!


    Tense and gripping, with that added Lush humour, In Search of Sandalwood Smugglers is an eye-opener. Its mixture of history and true life adventure had me gripped right to the very last page; an ultra-rare glimpse into the oil trade. Written by Matt Fairhall and the daring duo of our story, Simon and Agnès, it is extraordinary to discover that sandalwood oil has been used for thousands of years in ancient carvings and as incense.


    Both informative and entertaining, the story is presented beautifully in frame by frame images produced by Chicago based Plastic Crimewave. Each black and white image is as detailed as the next. In parts the journey around the world is presented like a tourist guide, with each country headlining the first page of that section. It’s like being with Simon and Agnès, living this incredible adventure…


    Lush’s first graphic novel is entertaining, exciting and enlightening. Teaching us a little bit of history (and environmental sustainability), if you love Lush products and want to find out more about their origins, this graphic novel is for you!

    Artwork (C) Plastic Crimewave

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