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    Life, music and positivity: Dan Reed Network announce March 2017 tour!

    Photograph (C) Amanda Rose


    Dan Reed Network are set to tour the UK and Europe this March, following the release of their brilliant new single ‘Champion’.


    Known for their energetic performances, Dan Reed reflects on the positivity of the shows:


    “DRN [Dan Reed Network] shows are always very positive in general. There’s lots of smiles and lots of positive energy. It’s a celebration of life. The song [‘Champion’] fits in really well. When we perform it live, it has a lot of energy to it and it’s one of our favourite songs to perform as a band”.


    Lyric ‘Fight another day’ from ‘Champion’, is also the title of their upcoming tour and new album. Their new album reflects on life, inspiration and the world around us, as Dan explains:


    “The name of the album is Fight another day and it’s a lyric from the song ‘Champion’. The whole theme of the album in general is trying to find inspiration, or trying to find some kind of hope in the midst of hopelessness, or light in the midst of shadows”.


    Speaking to Dan, it’s evident how much he cares about the world around him and he’s an inspiring person to talk to. Asking how he feels the band have developed over the course of their career, his love for music is equally inspiring:


    “I think more than anything, when we were younger, we were focused on trying to have a hit song or becoming bigger than the next band. You have these goals that you have. Those goals have completely changed now. We just want to be out on the road or be in the studio composing songs that move people; that was what started us off before we got our record deal. We were just a bunch of musicians in the Portland/Seattle area, who just enjoyed playing songs together and writing and composing. We loved playing live - we were playing four shows a week for three years before we got our record deal. It’s all come full circle; writing songs, touring and just going out there and having a blast”.



    Photograph (C) Adrian Hextall


    Dan adds that DNR’s latest album also has ties to the music they listened to growing up and the music the band created earlier in their career:


    “I was into rock bands when I was fourteen; I was into the Doobie Brothers, AC/DC, Van Halen. Around fifteen/sixteen I heard the first Sly and the Family Stone album and then I started hearing Marvin Gaye…John Lennon of course with ‘Working Class Hero’ and all these amazing songs. I started going ‘Oh okay, you can actually sing about these subjects”. I really started opening my eyes to that and even on our first album, the first track [‘World has a heart too’] was a rap song about us coming together as the human race. We’ve always had this intention and think it’s more focused on this latest album”.


    Fans can expect to hear songs from Fight another day on the tour, but there might be a few surprises as Dan explains:


    “One of things we’re gonna do is take requests from stage at some of the shows and let’s see if we can play those songs. We don’t play all of our catalogue from the old days, but we remember the songs and we try to make every show different. We try to talk about things that are going on in the world and locally; trying to find the humour in it - the light side of it. Like I said earlier, it’s a celebration of life”.



    Dan Reed Network are on tour in the UK this March. Tour dates:


    Wednesday 1st March - Level 3 club, Swindon

    Friday 3rd March - Warehouse 23, Wakefield

    Saturday 4th March - Live Rooms, Chester

    Sunday 5th March - The Globe, Cardiff

    Tuesday 7th March - The Cluny, Newcastle

    Wednesday 8th March - Oran Mor, Glasgow

    Friday 10th March - 100 club, London

    Sunday 11th March - Local authority, Sheffield

    Sunday 12th March - The Robin 2, Bilston

    Tuesday 14th March - Ruby Lounge, Manchester

    Wednesday 15th March - Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

    By Sarah O' Hara



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