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    LoveHistory return with another Halloween Spectacular

    Returning to St Georges Hall with the Chamber of Horrors: All Gallows Eve, LoveHistory chilled and thrilled audiences with a fun-filled night of frights. 


    Walking into the Heritage Centre, the dim lights and eerie silence set the stage for the event to unfold. As a cloaked narrator walked down the stairs, we quickly learnt of the building’s history and what may lay in wait for us in its corridors. The narrator was extremely engaging and I felt enthralled, eagerly awaiting the tour around this historic venue. 


    As the theme to John Carpenter’s classic Halloween film began to play, what I didn’t expect however was to turn around and see a performer dressed as Michael Myers standing behind us all! Jumping to the sides, the performer slowly walked between us all until suddenly he stopped, turned and walked directly towards me; pausing to look into my eyes before slowly walking away from the crowd! 


    I don’t want to give too much away and spoil the surprises that the tour has for the audience, but I will say that fans of classic horror films will be delighted by the performances during Chamber of Horrors. LoveHistory pay homage to a variety of horror genres, incorporating excerpts from books and films that will leave you guessing what is next. 


    The cast take on a variety of roles with passion and enthusiasm and throughout the tour, you often forget that you’re watching a tour at all. Instead you feel immersed in the stories, as if the characters themselves are telling their tales. 


    My favourite moment was from a particular favourite of mine Dracula, which not only paid homage to the novel, but also the film starring Gary Oldman. The entire performance was mesmerising; the costumes a nod to Oldman’s Dracula and Reeves’ Harker in the 1992 film, with the actors playing their parts with emotions that showed the horror and shock in those moments during the story. 


    It wasn’t only the tales from classic horror that audiences heard during the tour. As we entered the catacombs, we listened to true stories from the history of St Georges Hall, before these stories and those from the horror films were combined into one climatic finale.


    From moments that make you jump as you turn a corner, to moments of the unexpected, Chamber of Horror: All Gallows Eve is a thrilling night that is perfect for history and horror fans alike.


    Chamber of Horrors: All Gallows Eve is at St Georges Hall until Wednesday 31st October 2018.



    By Sarah O' Hara



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