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    News: The Liverpool Comedy Festival 2016 launches with a brilliant line-up!

    This year’s Liverpool Comedy Festival is sure to be the biggest and best ever with an eclectic mix of performers added to a bill that spreads across two weeks, dotted around the city.


    The Liverpool Comedy Festival, organised by local charity, The Comedy Trust, runs from 16th September – 2nd October. The launch itself was filled with laughter and excitement from the offset. There was “The World’s Smallest Comedy Club”, a tiny space in the corner of the venue that seated four people and allowed us to see what to expect. As press and performers mingled, I could sense that the importance of promoting Liverpool as a pioneer on the comedy circuit was definitely one that would be reiterated throughout the evening. Speaking to the Artistic Director of the Festival, Sam Avery, gave me a real insight into the amount of effort that has been put into this event. He spoke enthusiastically about wanting to showcase Liverpool as a great and funny city that has always used comedy to pull itself through both good and bad times. Explaining about the new addition that is the Funny Looking Fringe segment, he says that it is more “left-field” and “eclectic”.


    The first thing you can expect from the festival is a lot of laughs. Before being treated to taster sessions from rising talents Hannah Jones and Kate McCabe, I had the pleasure of talking to them briefly. Jones uses her stand-up to discuss her school days in a relatable and light-hearted manner. Hannah is certainly on my ‘one-to-watch’ list. I also spoke to rising talent, Kate McCabe, who uses her act to discuss “optimism in a cynical society by incorporating an element of fantasy that is hard to maintain in adulthood”. The festival is a turning point as although McCabe has been doing stand-up for years, this is her first bespoke show. What attracted her to Liverpool was its vibrancy and the people who are “full of spark” (she’s definitely right about that!). Her energetic performance was filled with joke after joke including a very viable theory that the name Gary is so popular because it the closest to “gravy”.

    Acts will perform in venues across the city, including comedians such as Romesh Ranganathan, who is performing at the Philharmonic Hall on the 21st September, to the Funny Looking Fringe that will host a range of rising comedic stars at 81 Renshaw Street. No doubt between the stand-ups, sketches, improvs and plays, there is something for everyone. It was expressed at various points in the evening the importance of promoting rising talent and I can say almost certainly that the Liverpool Comedy Festival is going to provide the city with five-star entertainment that will leave the audience crying with laughter.


    By Nicola Ryan



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