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    Party with 'The Wedding Singer' at the Liverpool Empire Theatre!


    Photographs used with permission by the Liverpool Empire Theatre


    Liverpool Empire Theatre, Tuesday 30th May 2017


    Based on the hit-movie, The Wedding Singer is now a hilarious musical that left audiences cheering for more at the Liverpool Empire.


    Following love-lorn Robbie Hart as he tries to move on with life after being left at the altar, this charming production pays homage to the original story, while introducing new elements in this smash hit musical.


    The production is exceptional throughout; recreating 1985 with images of memorable adverts and iconic products including the first cell phones. It was thrilling to see classic movie trailers before the show began, adding that extra spark of authenticity to the musical’s contextual setting. As soon as you walked into the theatre it was like travelling back to the eighties, thrusting you into the decade that brought us so many pop culture memories.


    From nods to noise activated lighting, the DeLorean and even a recreation of the iconic Three Amigos salute during ‘Today you are a man’, The Wedding Singer is brilliantly good, nostalgic fun.


    For fans of the original movie, you’ll recognise songs including ‘Grow old with you’ performed exceptionally by Robbie (Jon Robyns) and Julia (Cassie Compton). Yet with original songs including ‘It’s your Wedding Day’ and ‘Someday’, The Wedding Singer UK Tour adds its own take on the story, delighting both those who know the original film and those who have never seen it before. It’s a treat to watch and leaves you smiling throughout.



    Though some of the witty song lyrics were a little hard to hear due to the volume of the music, numbers including ‘Saturday night in the city’ were phenomenal and performed by an exceptional cast. The choreography was second-to-none; performed with precision, perfect timing and excellent energy. You could see how much fun the cast were having onstage; fun which I certainly felt tapping my feet to the brilliant new songs. Stephanie Clift’s powerful singing at the end of ‘Saturday night in the city’ complimented the sensational choreography during this number; a testament to Stephanie and the cast’s ten out of ten performance during the show.


    Robbie’s fictional band ‘Simply Wed’ were a treat to hear, particularly during ‘Casualty of Love’. If they were a real rock band, guaranteed I’d definitely be a fan! Jon Robyns as Robbie has an incredible voice, leaving you in awe. He’s a singer that holds your attention; a performer that is a rising star and one to watch for in the future.


    The chemistry between band members Jon Robyns (Robbie), Ashley Emerson (Sammy) and Samuel Holmes (George) is a delight to watch. They're a lovable trio who remind you that one of the greatest loves of all is friendship.


    Watch out too for the brilliant Ruth Madoc as Grandmother Rosie, whose quips about relationships will have you roaring with laughter. Cassie Compton as Julia is also a delight to watch; a musical theatre performer whose voice soars with every note she sings. You feel the character's emotions in every beat, every rhythm, every melody. Plus watch out for her sweet duet with Jon Robyns during 'Come out of the Dumpster' - a quirky song that is both amusing and sweet. 


    The Wedding Singer is a feel-good musical with a whole lot of heart and a whole lot of excellent  music!



    The Wedding Singer is at the Liverpool Empire Theatre until Saturday 3rd June 2017.


    By Sarah O' Hara



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