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    Review: Glenn Hughes - 'Resonate'

    You know that moment when you listen to an album and your experiences of music change forever?


    Well that just happened.


    Resonate pumped through the stereo, grabbed a hold of my mind and took my sonic experience to an entirely new level.


    Glenn Hughes is one of the true creative geniuses of our time and an exemplar musician. With Resonate, he has catapulted his standard of music to new heights and delivered a blend of rock, soul and funk that will leave you in awe.



    Bursting alive with ‘Heavy’, Hughes’ vocals echo from wall to wall alongside a relentless stream of wailing guitar bends and raucous riffs. A kicking album opener, ‘Heavy’ is an anthem that begins this incredible rock ’n’ roll journey.


    Continuing the pace is ‘My Town’; steady drum rhythms preparing you for action as the riffs drop and Hughes’ vocals sing the word ‘navigator’. It gives you some serious thrills when those vocals hit. As iconic a vocalist as he is a musician, Glenn Hughes sounds as awesome as ever.


    The heavier riffs however give way to more prog-rock style keys by the time ‘Let is Shine’ plays. It’s reminiscent of the classic rock anthems of the seventies; a sort of homage to the era. Yet the song sounds completely refreshing. An interesting blend of rock and keys that sounds oh so good and feels oh so right.


    Now for any guitarist (myself included), ‘Steady’ is the track that’ll make you want to pick up your guitar and turn up your amps more than ever. The exquisite air guitar anthem-esque introduction is nothing short of phenomenal.


    While Resonate has to this point been rather fast paced, ‘When I fall’ brings the tempo down a notch. Its slightly psychedelic feel is a distance away from the heavier feel of before, but highlights Hughes’ ability to lend his musicianship excellently to various genres. It’s a genuine favourite on the album, allowing you to take a step back and let your imagination flow through the melodies.


    The album picks up pace again for ‘Stumble & go’, while final track ‘Long time gone’ ends this musical journey in a melodic spectacle of riffs that race through the song and captivate your mind. It finishes as it began and indeed as it continued throughout - gloriously.


    Resonate needs no words to describe it. Turn it up, play it loud, live in the moment.



    5 stars


    Resonate is available to buy now.

    By Sarah O' Hara



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