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    Review: Maggie May - Royal Court Theatre Liverpool


    Photographs by Zanto Digital


    Tonight the story of Maggie May sailed into the Royal Court Theatre and captivated the hearts of the audience.


    Bob Eaton and Sayan Kent’s beautifully crafted production tells the story of Maggie, a young girl travelling from her Dublin home in search of a new life in America. Arriving in Liverpool, her journey is delayed when she loses all her belongings and must enter into service to gain money for her boat ticket to New York. However, what follows is a series of events that will change Maggie’s life forever.


    Maggie May is THE must see production of the year. It is a masterpiece; a powerful and emotive production that stays with you long after the show has ended.


    The use of the Royal Court’s original 1938 revolving stage throughout Maggie May is exquisite, enabling the story to flow seamlessly. The passage of time is well developed and you feel as if you’re walking alongside the characters as they journey through the streets of Liverpool. 


    Christina Tedders performance was flawless. The realism in her portrayal of Maggie made me smile, laugh, cry and feel emotionally involved with her character’s story. As the story progressed, the glint of happiness in Tedder’s eyes faded; her fast paced movements slowing and disappearing. The change in her vocal tones and physicality showed the impact of events in Maggie’s life within the first act, providing a realism that tugged at your heart and left you thinking of her during the interval. What was going to happen to Maggie? Will she ever journey to New York? Tedder’s portrayal of Maggie made you forget that you were in the theatre; you felt that you were in Maggie’s world. Tedder gave an outstanding performance and by the second act, you felt emotionally attached not only to Maggie, but to the characters who stood by her.


    One such character was Charlie. Playing both an equal mixture of comedy and drama, Michael Fletcher’s performance was heartwarming and brilliant. Following Charlie’s enlistment in the Army, Fletcher’s portrayal of his transition back to life following the War and the struggles Charlie faced left me with tears in my eyes. It was extremely powerful. 


    The entire cast were phenomenal; from the comedic telephone scene near the end of the second act, to their ensemble performances (both sung and performed on a variety of instruments onstage) that brought Sayan Kent’s triumphant and magnificent compositions to life. Paisley Reid, Katia Sartini, Barbara Hockaday and Cheryl Fergison’s musical numbers were excellently choreographed and performed with energy, passion and emotion. The cast gave a ten out of ten performance in a five star show that is truly one of the best productions I have ever seen.



    5 stars



    By Sarah O'Hara




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