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    Review: Pharoah across the Mersey



    The nights may be drawing in, the days might be colder, but there’s no better place to warm your funny bones than the Royal Court Theatre. Hitch a ride on this year’s laugh out loud Christmas show – yes, it’s Pharoah across the Mersey!


    Usually seasonal productions take us to a different time and place, but while we’ve travelled from the cold depths of Scouse of the Antarctic to the sun-kissed sands of Pharoah, there’s a lovely dash of continuity. No longer star-crossed lovers, our heroes from last year – Boris and Daisy – are engaged and taking the trip of a lifetime. Yet their adventure takes an unexpected turn as they’re taken back to a time where Pharoahs ruled and Pyramids were the must-have item in the land.


    It truly is a delight to see the talented Hayley Hampson and Michael Fletcher onstage together again. There’s a natural chemistry between the two; each one reacting naturally to the other and leading us into this believable, yet hilarious series of events that unfold. Fletcher’s ‘Great balls of fire’ scene was a fast-paced, fun climax to act one. There is no doubt that he is a fantastic singer, but this glorious performance cemented this in fact.


    Yet while last year’s love story may have focused on new romance, this year’s show moves onto long-lasting relationships – mainly that of King Tut and Queen Nefertiti. With fiery back-chatting and a chemistry that raises the roof with laughter, we couldn’t get enough of Michael Starke and Lindzi Germain’s hilarious couple. Both have sublime voices, particularly Germaine who is comparable to Shirley Bassey and Aretha Franklin in the show-stealing ‘Hey big spender’. Mix this in with Starke’s tip-top dance moves; this disco Pharoah put the groove in a groovy night out for all.


    A night out for all it is indeed. From venues we know and love, to a rib-tickling flashback scene between Starke’s Tut and a stellar performance from Danny O’ Brien, Fred Lawless’ script is a 10/10 comedy knockout. While some jokes are funnier than others, there’s still plenty here to enjoy. They might say that three is a crowd, but three is a magic number when Michael Starke, Andrew Schofield and Danny O’ Brien are about. Between plenty of puppetry madness and amusing banter, the wise men scenes are the diamonds amongst this treasure trove of comedy jewels.


    If you haven’t yet seen Pharoah then what are you waiting for? Take a trip back in time and laugh your way through the festive season with this crowd-pleasing, 5 star show – an absolute treat!


    Photographs (C) Bond Media Agency


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