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    The Antarctic is vast, grand and treacherous. Many have tried to conquer its icy depths but one man has managed to claim it as his own. This man is Jimmy and he is the Scouse of the Antarctic.


    The fabulous Michael Starke is back in another scouse-themed take on popular culture. Between igloos, polar bears seeking warmer climates and a battle for the oil beneath the ice, this is the best Christmas show at the Royal Court Theatre yet. Hold onto your sleigh – this is one hilarious ride!


    Scouse of the Antarctic is a light hearted take on those bold adventurers who have dared to dream. Michael Starke’s Jimmy lives a quiet life with his polar bear friends and a rather feisty (not to mention comically blunt) snowman. However his worst fears are realised when Jimmy encounters a nightmare in his own backyard – a student!


    Hayley Hampson was wonderful as eco-friendly student Daisy. Her duet with Michael Fletcher’s Boloklov was perfectly harmonised and as beautiful as their frozen surroundings. However it was Starke’s impressions of Liverpudlian celebrities that had the tears of laughter flowing - not just from Daisy but from the entire audience. His impressions of John Bishop and the Beatles proved how skilled Starke is as an actor, comedian and all round entertainer.


    As with all light hearted theatre, you’re well prepared for the wonderful and bizarre. Scouse of the Antarctic was no different. Once you’ve seen Helen Carter’s Kylie and Michael Ledwich’s Jason, you will never think of Ice skating in the same way again. Carter and Ledwich stole the show with their homage to the classic Torville and Dean Routine. Their serious expressions combined with accurate choreography and polar bear costumes made this one of the most classic comedy moments in Royal Court history. It was truly spectacular.


    Complementing the story was an impressive band of musicians whose renditions of ‘Love train’ and ‘Jump’ had the audience on their feet. There was singing, there was clapping and there was a fantastic night out being had by all in the auditorium. Plus John McGrellis and Lindzi Germain rocked the stage with their solo songs about life before their Antarctic adventure. Germain’s Olga was especially magnificent with her vibrant energy that captivated my attention from the first note to the last. A special mention must also be given to the brilliant set and prop designers who created a wonderful chorus of penguins, sharks and fish that certainly know how to get the party started.


    Scouse of the Antarctic is a festive treat for adults this winter. It’s bold, it’s funny and it is the perfect remedy for those cold December nights. The comic gags will unfreeze your winter blues and the story will warm your heart. 10/10!

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