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    Review: The Snow Queen - Everyman Theatre Liverpool

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    It’s that time of year - yes it’s pantomime season!

    Oh no it isn’t! 


    Oh yes it is - and The Snow Queen is one of the best, if not THE best, pantomime you will see this festive season.


    Opening in a far away world known as The Winter Lands, the evil Snow Queen loses her precious Stargate stone. In her quest to find it, she stops at nothing to reclaim the stone and control the lands forever.


    But not if a cast of hilarious and heartwarming heroes can help it!


    The atmosphere throughout the production is magical. The energetic cast deliver ten out of ten performances in a five star show. If I could give The Snow Queen more stars I would, because it really is that good.


    No matter your age, The Snow Queen has a little something for everyone. The dialogue has jokes for all generations, with a lot of laugh out loud moments, physical comedy and cheeky moments of comic bliss. 


    Responsible for a lot of these comic moments are the delightful duo of Tucker and Keast, as Lil’ Bo Peep and Tony Cornetto. They are simply irresistible. With only a glance or change of vocal tone, they will have you falling down your seat with laughter. Whether it is their physical comedy, interactions with the audience or their cracking costumes that get bigger and bolder every year, the duo utilise each aspect of the production to hilarious effect. Every time they are onstage it is comedy gold. They are legends.


    Joining them is Everyman newcomer Nikita Johal as Laputa, the protector of the Stargate stone, and last year’s Prince Charming, Jamie Noar as Malakai. You can see how much fun Johal and Noar have onstage; their infectious energy radiating in every word and song. Both are performers to look out for; their duets onstage simply beautiful. 


    Duos are abundant in The Snow Queen, with Barbara Hockaday and Danny Burns playing a variety of brilliant characters including sheep, salsa dancers and more! My favourites were Hockaday’s futuristic character Whippet, who was a perfect match for Burn’s charming Mr Whippy. Their rendition of ‘Night Fever’ was sensational! If there was ever a party, I’d want to be on the dance floor with them!


    But what of The Snow Queen I hear you say? Lucy Thatcher’s evil queen Viletta was thrillingly good. Applause too for her quick witted dialogue exchanges with the audience and Thatcher’s choreography for the dance sequences in the show, particularly an impressive umbrella routine in the second act. 


    An Everyman Rock ’n’ Roll Pantomime needs a little music though and this year certainly treated us to a range of delights including rock classics, chart hits and a clever reworking of an iconic song during the second act. Lloyd Gorman’s musicianship was extremely impressive; his guitar solos leaving me with awe, particularly during his battle of the riffs with Jamie Noar. Nicola Martinus-Smith as Snowdrop is one of the most impressive singers I’ve ever heard in an Everyman Pantomime and every song she performed was a joy to listen to. 


    Just when I thought the Everyman Pantomimes couldn’t get any better, they just did! If you’re looking for the perfect pantomime this festive season, then The Snow Queen has it all. 


    5 stars



    By Sarah O' Hara



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