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      The Dandy Warhols are back with their eighth album. ‘This Machine’ has the same laid back, cool vibe the band seems to effortlessly produce, but the music has a harder, slightly industrial edge. The harder production gives hints of The Pixies, Bowie (Scary Monsters), Bauhaus and of course The Velvet Underground.

      It opens with the distorted bass and close vocals of ‘Sad Vacation’. ‘Autumn Carnival’ starts with a great drum roll into repetitive guitar line. ‘Alternative Power To The People’ is a driving instrumental and ‘Well They’re Gone’ is a slow, dreamy, delicate song with some nice melodies and a rhythmic drum pattern - a highlight along with ‘16 tons’, a sleazy, driving cover of the Merle Travis song.

      It’s not an album to dance around the house to and it doesn’t have any of the obvious smash hits that gave them global recognition, but it’s a good listen and has plenty of songs that are interesting and definitely grow on you. It is a darker and more sophisticated affair, no more naked beach parties here, but it still does have attitude. 8/10