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      The Greatest Show on Earth

      Wow - the Show
      Cover bands often get a bad rap, but a tribute act can be much much more than the guy in the pub singing Wish You Were Here. Since a certain foursome put the city on the musical map, Liverpool has continued to produce an inordinate amount of talent in all facets of music, and tribute is no exception. The three hugely successful and spectacular shows opposite are Liverpool based, and feature some amazing talent from the city. As well as allowing longtime fans to relive some of their musical highlights, they also introduce some of the best music in history to an audience who were too young to catch it the first time around.

      Rumours of Fleetwood Mac
      Rumours of Fleetwood Mac

      Rumours of Fleetwood Mac started accidentally 15 years ago, when the musicians involved were working on an entirely different project and upon listening back, noticed an uncanny resemblance to the Mac. They hit on the idea of forming a tribute act, and sent some tracks to Mick Fleetwood for approval. They got the official thumbs up and the rest, as they say, is history.

      Starting out at a time when the Bootleg Beatles and the Bjorn Again were hugely popular, and when Fleetwood Mac seemed to be gone forever, they proved to be a massive success. They endure today having played to over 550, 00 fans worldwide and are praised for their incredible show. It also seems that things have come full circle in that many young bands at the moment are citing the influence Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks has just announced her return to band.

      The current tour is a celebration of the 35th anniversary of the legendary ‘Rumours’ record, and bands line up features a mix of original members and hot young Liverpool musicians straight out of music school. See them in Liverpool on Friday February 15 at the Philharmonic Hall.

      The Carpet Crawlers
      The Carpet Crawlers

      Brian Cummins is an established musician in his own right but he says decided to form the Carpet Crawlers when he realized that nothing he could write would move an audience in the way that Genesis classics could. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that he has a singing voice eerily similar to Peter Gabriel’s.

      Formed 8 years ago, the Carpet Crawlers have toured Europe and have perfected a show that includes meticulous lighting and sees Cummins playing drums and flute and well as singing the parts of both Phil Collins and Gabriel; including all of the costume changes that come with it.

      As Cummins said “The source material is just amazing. If we get close to recreating that, it’s already a fantastic show”.

      See the Carpet Crawlers on March 3 at the 02 Academy

      WOW: A Celebration of the Music and Artistry of Kate Bush
      wow the show

      As Kate Bush has famously only completed one tour during her 35 + year career, a majority of fans have never had the opportunity to see her live. Cue the WOW tribute show, which debuted in Liverpool last year to great success, and will now be touring the UK.

      The show hinges on the Dutch star of the show Maaike Breijman, who not only shares a distinct likeness but also a similar voice to a young Kate Bush. Breijman says that she has been told of the similarity from a young age but held off to pursue her own thing. She says “I’d been ignoring it for a long long time. After 15 years of people telling me I should do something with that, I thought well, OK!”

      The show sees Breijman singing and dancing in a vast array of costumes (“I’m a really fast changer!”), and supported by dancers, musicians and high production values. Unusually, with limited source material to work from, the WOW show will feature songs that Bush has never played lived. Breijman said: “We can really ask the question - what might she have done with it?” WOW will be at the Philharmonic Hall, February 22