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Thirty Seconds to Mars - Love, Lust, Faith & Dreams

Thirty Seconds to Mars - Love, Lust, Faith & Dreams

It’s no secret that Thirty Seconds to Mars are somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine. Having seen them numerous times live, news of a new album always entices me, and Love, Lust, Faith & Dreams is the perfect follow up to This is War.

Less emphasis on heavy guitars and screaming emotion (as was with previous hits ‘The Kill’ and ‘From Yesterday’), this is a more mysterious and electronic approach first explored on songs such as ‘Closer to the Edge’ from their previous album. Glorious chants of “and the story goes on” fuel the uplifting ‘Do or die’, whilst the harmonious piano and rasping vocals of ‘End of all days’ offer a nice reprieve from electro-beats.

Although ‘City of Angels’ sounds a little bit too similar to their well-known hit ‘Kings and Queens’ (sparse verses and slow atmospheric builds to the chorus), my enthusiasm for the album isn’t affected one little bit. Although audiences sit either on the side of love or loathe, its clear at the end of this album that my admiration for Leto and co. remains as strong as ever. Now where’s the repeat button…

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