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    Touring, music and 'Defying Gravity': An interview with Billy Sheehan


    Photograph (C) William Hames


    Mr.Big are on tour in the UK! Sarah caught up with bassist Billy Sheehan to talk about their new record Defying Gravity, their incredible fans and being a music fan…


    Following the release of their new album Defying Gravity, Mr.Big have toured across the world and began a six date UK tour in Nottingham last week:


    “We started back in July in America,then we did South America, Mexico, South-East Asia and Japan, then we did Europe and here we are now. It’s been amazing; the fans have accepted the new record [Defying Gravity] really lovingly and we’re having a great time”.


    With upcoming shows in Manchester, Glasgow and Wolverhampton, the band cannot wait to continue performing to their incredible fans:



    “The audience is a very important component to this band. We love our friends and fans all over the world. They’re important to us; when they’re out there and we’re performing, it inspires us to push harder and do more and do better and we’re very well connected to them".


    As a fan of Mr.Big, I cannot wait to hear the band perform songs from their latest album Defying Gravity, including anthem ‘Everybody needs a little trouble’ and the infectious ‘Damn I’m in love again’. 



    Asking how it feels to bring the songs to the stage every night, Billy adds that:


    “It’s always exciting to play those songs live, because they kind of grow and evolve each time we perform them. Personally speaking, there’s always extra parts or extra things we do when we perform live and the audience seems to enjoy that very much. It makes the songs come alive; they sound fresh and new every time we play. They get a life of their own in a way”.


    But with so many great songs on the album, what can we hope to hear on the night?


    “We do ‘To be with you’ in the set of course, but we also do a song that tells the story of ‘To be with you’ called ‘1992’. Then there’s another song called ‘Damn I’m in love again’, which has been a great crowd favourite. We have a good mix of the songs from our earlier records and songs from the new record. The audiences are really enthusiastic about it [Defying Gravity] and we’re really pleased”.


    Having brought us incredible tracks such as ‘Addicted to that rush’ from their self-titled debut album, to ‘Undertow’ from What if… and ‘Green tinted sixties mind’ from Lean into it, Billy adds that the band try to perform as much as they can from across their career during the shows:



    “We have a little bit from almost everything; we’ve had a lot of records now, so to do something from every record, the show would be a lot longer. This is our ninth record now, so there’s been a lot of records and a lot of songs! (Laughs)”


    And with a lot of songs comes a lot of singing:


    “Be ready to sing along. We have a lot of songs and we love it when people sing along with us. It’s a great night; a lot of fun, a lot of songs to sing with and it’s a great time”.


    As the interview draws to a close, every moment talking to Billy has been incredible. An amazing musician and lovely to talk to, his passion for music, for the band and for the fans is inspiring; his closing words reflecting on music as a part of our everyday lives:


    “We’re fans and we feel about music the same way. Music had a lot to do with my life and some songs became the theme to my summer, or a place I lived or people I hung out with. It’s a part of your life. Then we’ve realised that we’re making music that is resonating with people too. It’s quite an interesting circle that we’ve come from being fans to making music that is resonating with people in the same way. It’s quite astonishing to see how far our records have come and how they’ve become a part of people’s lives. It’s really wonderful”.


    Mr.Big are currently on tour in the UK:


    Thursday 16th November - Rock City, Nottingham

    Friday 17th November - Northumbria Institute, Newcastle

    Sunday 19th November - o2 Shepherds Bush Empire, London

    Tuesday 21st November - Manchester Academy, Manchester

    Wednesday 22nd November - o2 ABC, Glasgow

    Thursday 23rd November - Wolverhampton Civic Hall, Wolverhampton




    By Sarah O' Hara



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