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      Steve Strange
      Famous for songs including 'Fade to Grey' and 'Night Train', Sarah O' Hara speaks to Visage singer Steve Strange about the new album, UK tour and their amazing fans...

      Your fourth album, Hearts and Knives, has recently been released. Could you tell us more about it?

      On the album we didn’t use any software apart from Pro Logic - that was to keep the unique sound that we had in the beginning with Visage. There’s some of the original members on the album like Steve and Robbie, plus we have a new guy with us called Logan Sky. I don’t call them bandmates; they’re my friends.

      Do you have any songs that you love playing live?

      Yeah totally! There’s one called ‘Diaries of a madman’ which is great and I have a lot of fun on stage.

      What have been the highlights of your career so far?

      The showcases we did for the Hearts and Knives album have definitely been my favourite highlights and concerts so far. The three showcases were all one after the other but one night my vocals actually went! At the encore I said to the audience - “You’re going to have to help me through now”, and bless everyone they did. They even did the aahs on ‘Fade to Grey’.

      It must be lovely to have such loyal fans…

      Oh definitely! It made me feel like, oh wow.

      What’s it like to have fans that were with you at the start of Visage’s career and then fans who have discovered your music over the decades?

      It’s amazing. You look out into the audience and they’re singing all the songs from the new album as well as the old ones, and there’s all these young people singing along too! It’s so lovely and the fans are genuinely loyal. Plus it’s fantastic for me to go out and play with the old band.

      What are your plans for the year ahead?

      After the British dates we are going to Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Lithuania, and then after Christmas we go to the States, Japan and Australia. My DJ career has also taken off like a rocket again! I’ve always been a DJ but on November 14th I’m being sponsored to DJ on the London Eye! Each pod on the London eye will be turned into a club and it’s me and others like Boy George being sponsored to do it. It’s absolutely incredible!

      Visage are performing at East Village Arts Club on Wednesday 18th September. Tickets are available from the Bar and Kitchen or can be booked on the 24 hour hotline: 0844 847 2472. Tickets can also be purchased online at: or