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      WOW at the Philharmonic Hall promised, ‘A Celebration of the Music, Lyrics and Dance of Kate Bush’, a bit of a mouthful for what was basically a tribute act.

      If you’ve ever witnessed the dreadful cringeyness of a dodgy Elvis or fat Freddie Mercury, all cheap outfits and fake facial hair, you’d be forgiven for fearing the worst.

      When somebody is either courageous or foolhardy enough to attempt a performance as the quirky and wholly original grand dame of popular music, the potential for crossing the line between tribute and parody is fairly obvious.

      Thankfully, the wonderful Maaike Breijman and her talented band of musicians and dancers delivered a very impressive and hugely entertaining homage to a legendary talent.

      It earned them a warm and richly deserved standing ovation at the end of what must have been an exhausting night’s work, particularly for Miss Breijman, who sang and danced her way through a host of classic songs.

      All the hits were covered as well as a number of album tracks. The band were faultless throughout, the lead guitarist even managing an admirable turn as Peter Gabriel, dueting on ‘Don’t Give Up’. If I were to be critical, the lighting and effects weren’t all they could have been and the gaps between songs, to allow for costume changes, felt a little clunky at times. But that’s just nitpicking, ultimately a thoroughly enjoyable evening was had by all. WOW indeed.